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In that section, you'll find everything that can't be included in the gallery. For the moment, as it is a brand new section, there's not a lot of stuff, but I'll do my best to add as many cool things as possible... you can contribute and send reviews, poetry, fan art...

The "send a good luck message" project is back: I can print all the messages you send me and deliver them personally to the skaters before the beginning of the competition.
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Drawings, collages and all the graphics made by fs fans.
Send me an e-mail if you want to contribute to that section.

You've attended a competition or a show and want to share the fun with us? Write a review and send it to Skating Gallery.

Put a picture of your favourite skater on your desktop.
Coming soon

Need help to build a site? If you want, I can make graphics, or even a whole layout for you... for free, of course ;)

Icons to be used on EZboard forums & AIM.
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