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I love designing websites and helping people. So, why not helping them making websites? I've made a few rules because I love when the job is well done and because I'd like people to respect my work. Please read carefully this page and if you accept all points, then, you can request graphics.

For me, the most important point if you want free graphics is that you sign my guest book and link to my site as long as you're using my graphics.
You can use these banners to link to me:

97 x 12 pixels for light backgrounds:
97 x 12 pixels for dark backgrounds:
100 x 35 pixels:

Let me 1week to make your graphics. If it takes longer, please check out my waiting list.

Please note that I'm French, so you'd better check the spelling when you order some graphics because I won't do it for you... and mistakes on a website are not that cool ;)

... One last thing: make me WANT to work for you. I'm not a robot, I'm doing my best to make the right graphic for you, and for that reason I'd like you to keep me informed when you've received a graphic, or when you know it will take you a long time to answer my questions. If you don't, I wonder why I don't hear from you and just think that you're a #@~*# !!!

Is it ok for you? Yes? Are you sure? Ok, you can order graphics from me.

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