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Welcome to my online gallery!
Here you'll find my skating pictures and also some cool stuff, such as screencaptures, fan art, wallpapers, icons and much more...
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Nov.5th, 2003
My grand-mother died on Friday. I'll be offline for a few days.
Winners of the doll contest will be announced by the end of the week.
Last few days for the Lalique project. If I don't get you message before Friday, I won't be able to print it as I will be out of town the week before the competition.

Oct.29th, 2003
Wow! Updates! Again!! Unbelievable! I've added Vicky's entry for the doll contest. I'm still accepting entries (reserve your spot if you need a few more days, and I'll wait for your doll).
I've made some LiveJournal icons. They will be online by sunday.

Oct.28th, 2003
Only 4 days before the end of the doll contest!! Please send me your entries!! I've also added Lizzie's doll.
I'm planning to move this site to a new host... is much too slow for me and it sometimes doesn't even work. Then I'll buy a domain name and make this site grow (I'll make new sections with doll, blends, downloads...) You can contribute by sending your fan art, reviews, stories.... any help is welcome!
Have a nice day Xoxo

Oct.19th, 2003
Added 3 new entries for the doll contest (and 1 new doll I made).

Oct.8th, 2003
To those who cares.. I'm not dead yet...
just very busy, so here we go:

91 pictures added:

Show in Nimes, 2002 (13 pictures): Anissina & Peizerat, Delobel & Schoenfelder, Fumie Suguri, Vanessa Gusmeroli, Laeticia Hubert

Etoiles de la Glace in Montpellier (78 pictures): Anissina & Peizerat, Krylova & Ovsiannikov, Delobel & Schoenfelder, Abitbol & Bernadis, Lefrançois & Blanchard, Brian Joubert, Stanick Jeannette.

Doll contest

Doll contest: Make a doll that looks like Tara and win an award! More about the contest...

The "send a good luck message" project is back: I can print all the messages you send me and deliver them personally to the skaters before the beginning of the competition.
Click here to know more...



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